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Eric called Al’s suicide brave, and he was wrong. My mother’s death was brave. I remember how calm she was, how determined. It isn’t just brave that she died for me; it is brave that she did it without announcing it, without hesitation, and without appearing to consider another option.

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Vote for Candice Accola in Teen Choice  Awards. Female scene stealer. 

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"There’s a conversation Klaus is going to be having with someone who has been sort of keeping observations on his past and who will mention the connection that Klaus had with a particular woman in his past and will reference Caroline…cause you know obviously that was a big moment and a big relationship for him and continues to linger in his heart and in his brain…he’s got eternal plans, I think, he declared…We haven’t erased her from the narrative at all. We just are biding our time until there’s an opportunity to bring them together or not bring them together depending on where the story goes."

Julie Plec at San Diego Comic Con 2014, when asked if they were going to be planting any seeds in the narrative that indicate Caroline in there even if there are no official plans yet

[internally screaming and hoping Klaus gets really really jealous and protective]

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…they are E Q U A L S in every way. And they both know it. Caroline knows Klaus is a physical monolith against her soft beach sand, and Klaus knows Caroline is the L’Arc de Triomphe of emotional power over his house of cards. She is as naive as he is immature. He is as mature as she is wise, and tried, and true. She is as kind as he is cruel, he is as honest as she is deceptive. She pulls when she pushes, he pushes when she pulls.

She is stubborn as he is obstinate, he is pliant as she is eroded. They like being strong, ageless, fearless. They grew up second to dopplegangers, both of them, they both asked themselves a million and one times on the VERY SAME indian trails in the land that would once be called Mystic Falls, do you ever feel like there’s not a person in the world who loves you—?

They were cast off by their mothers, told they were monsters by their fathers. And Caroline, little Caroline of barely a fortnight of years has mastered them, at least I let my father go without regrets. And Klaus, ancient Klaus who looks only to the wind and rocks for contemporaries, has plummeted into the depths of ignorance.

They both have tried, and tried, and tried to build families out of friends, out of acquaintances, out of people who already have loved ones— to be loyal and true to these surrogate families because their own has let them fall through the wire.

Caroline is life, so death crawls to her — aching and yearning for the lesson of youth.

Klaus is death, so life clings to him — spitting and sparring for the secret to the ages.

They are THE S A M E. They need one another. They are balance and HATE and love but R E S P E C T for equal power in equal time most importantly and FOREMOST.



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(via hybridtunnelvision)OMG I’m not okay like this is not ok I am tearing up they’re completely and utterly each other’s perfect halves. Just leave me here in a pile of feels and tears.

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Caroline Forbes. The new upcoming and model that has taken the fashion world by storm.

Klaus. Just Klaus. Like Naomi. He may thrown a few phones in his time. He’s the arrogant male model that doesn’t make time for anyone but himself. Until her.

"Now, love, don’t you know who I am?”

"Should I care who you are? I appear to be doing just fine without knowing…

"Oh, you’re going to want to know the name of the handsome male model that is considering letting you go out with him.”

"EXCUSE ME?!" The nerve of this guy.

"It’s Klaus. Just Klaus."

"Well, ‘just Klaus’, while I appreciate your ability to lower yourself to my level, I’m gonna have to pass.”

As Caroline flips her hair and turns to storm off, she can hear Klaus behind her, “But, sweetheart…”

She glances back, “Oh, and it’s Caroline. Caroline Forbes. You may want to write down the name of the woman who made you work for it.”

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